Are you expanding your tech team in Berlin?

Great, we happen to source talent...

We’ve been open for business in Berlin for over 5 years and have been helping tech companies by sourcing software engineers, software architects, data scientists, product managers, designers and more, to help achieve their goals.

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We are local, efficient and discrete

ThunderCloud Solutions is an industry focused and niche agency that has been operating in Berlin for over 5 years.

We are good at helping small, medium and large businesses grow and solving all their problems related to finding expert talent. We have very broad and active networks in Berlin, across all areas of tech. We have in house engineers that are keen to learn about where your tech stack is faltering, and how we can help.

We specialise helping talent from NYC, London and Amsterdam move to Berlin.

Our talent is strongest in Berlin and we have associate networks across all other tech communities.

We speak German, French, Spanish and we’re not bad at English. We help many EU and non EU citizens navigate the very fun and flexible German bureaucracy, such as getting work Visas and applications filed at the correct time and with the correct department. It isn't that bad! We are able to connect both clients and candidates with legal representation when necessary.


Deep in-house, knowledge in tech


Local support and intimate knowledge of bringing engineers to Berlin.


We live and breathe the idea that sourcing is both a competitive and sensitive field.

I’ve been personally focused on the German market for 7 years. Supporting our clients’ volatile growth is a fun aspect of the job whilst celebrating the milestones together. Being involved in our client’s success remains an awesome aspect of this job and we are committed to this city.

What we do is solve human problems by bringing you the right people and we love it.

If you are starting a new business, thinking of moving to Berlin or expanding your business, we would welcome the chance to learn more about you over a coffee.

James Forrester
Founder of ThuderCloud solutions GmbH

We are available

What we delivered in 2018

3 CTO/CPO positions

CTO for a well funded legal tech start up with a series A of 4.2 million euros, CPO for a large multinational, best in class autonomous driving platform. CTO for an international robotics modeling company, based in Berlin and Amsterdam.

5 Head of Technology positions

Each position managing a team size north of 30+ people and internal budget and revenue of 15 - 65 million euros. Industries: E- Commerce, Real Estate, FinTech, Digital Media.

9 Principal Architects/Team Leads

Across the board from managerial to full hands on: Full stack, All usual suspects in terms of languages, frameworks etc : Java, JS, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML5, C#, Angular, React and more.

3 Data Scientist/Data Engineering Leads

Hands on developing from scratch, large products to be superimposed on clients’ servers to extract necessary data. Development and deployment of proprietary algorithms in new domain. A complete stack rewrite and reorg for how data will be stored and accessed. Industries: Audio Engineering, Robotics, E Commerce.

20+ Mid level to Senior Engineers/DevOps

Ranging from Front End through to Back End, team sizes ranging from 4 to 35+. Small start ups through to multinational companies with 6000+ employees.